Get set, and…


Bokeys Gotta Run is my effort to live boldly and with intention.  It’s an ode to the balance so many of us try to strike between the busy-ness of modern life (how often do we say “I’ve gotta run!” in order to tackle the next thing on the to-do list) and the best way I’ve found to fight the stress and pressure of that part of life—Running.

I’ve been running for so long that sometimes it feels as if I’ve literally Gotta Run to feel like my authentic self. Just ask Sam (the husband) about the effects of too long a break from running, and he’ll tell you that, yeah, Bokeys Gotta Run.  It grounds me, literally and figuratively, while also letting me take flight.  I’m my strongest self and simultaneously completely vulnerable every time I lace up. Running is full of these contrasts, and I never want to lose that feeling of two opposing forces that take me on an amazing adventure along the entire spectrum in between.  By connecting me with other Mother Runners out there, and the greater running community at large, I hope that it will also serve to hold me accountable to my goals whenever the “I’ve gotta run!” side of life tries to take over.

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